Temporal situation of the project

Action 2015 2016 2017 2018
Id. Name of the action I II III IV I II III IV I II III IV I II III IV
A Preparatory actions
A 1 Foundry and ceramic requirements characteristics compilation
B Implementation actions
B 1 Selection and characterization of casting products
B 2 Evaluation of pre-treatments for the conditioning of foundry products
B 3 Ceramic tiles with foundry products production tests at preindustrial scale
B 4 Trials on an industrial scale
C Monitoring of the impact of the project actions
C 1 Monitoring the impact of the project
C 2 Monitoring socioeconomic impact of the project
D Public awareness and dissemination of results
D 1 Website of the project
D 2 LIFE information panels
D 3 Layman Report
D 4 IConferences and networking
D 5 Other dissemination activities
E Project management and monitoring of the project progress
E 1 General management
E 2 Indicators
E 3 Networking with other projects
E 4 External audit
E 5 Dissemination plan "After LIFE"